How Many Seats Does The Ford Explorer Have? [2024]

How Many Seats Does The Ford Explorer Have? [2024]

The Ford Explorer, a perennial favorite in the SUV market, stands as a versatile and family-friendly vehicle known for its combination of performance, comfort, and spacious interior. One of the key factors contributing to its popularity is its accommodating seating capacity. 

The Ford Explorer is designed to provide ample room for passengers, making it an ideal choice for families, road trips, and those seeking a reliable and comfortable ride. 

In this article, we delve into the question that often arises among prospective buyers and enthusiasts: How many seats does the Ford Explorer have? Let’s explore the interior features of this SUV and discover the capacity that makes it a standout choice in its segment.

Highlights of The Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer, a flagship in the SUV realm, boasts a multitude of features that make it a standout choice among its competitors. One of its key highlights lies in its powerful performance, with various engine options delivering a dynamic driving experience tailored to different preferences. The Explorer is designed not only for power but also for versatility, offering optional all-wheel drive for enhanced traction and stability.

Another noteworthy aspect is the spacious and well-appointed interior, accommodating up to seven passengers comfortably. With advanced technology integration, the Explorer provides a connected and entertaining driving experience.

The SYNC infotainment system, available in different iterations, ensures seamless connectivity, navigation, and entertainment options at the driver’s fingertips.

Safety is a top priority in the Explorer, evident in its array of driver-assistance features. From adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assist, the SUV is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to enhance both driver and passenger safety.

Whether navigating urban landscapes or tackling off-road adventures, the Ford Explorer’s blend of performance, technology, and safety features cements its status as a versatile and reliable SUV, appealing to a broad range of drivers and families alike.

Interior Dimensions of The Ford Explorer

The interior dimensions of the Ford Explorer contribute significantly to its reputation as a spacious and family-friendly SUV. The three-row seating configuration allows the Explorer to comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers, making it an ideal choice for larger families or those who frequently travel with a group. The generous headroom and legroom in all three rows ensure that passengers enjoy a comfortable journey, even on longer drives.

Cargo space is another notable aspect of the Explorer’s interior design. With the ability to adapt to various needs, the SUV provides ample cargo room behind the third-row seats. Furthermore, the rear seats can be conveniently folded down to expand the cargo space, offering versatility for transporting larger items or accommodating different combinations of passengers and cargo.

The attention to detail in the interior design extends beyond space considerations. High-quality materials, refined finishes, and a user-friendly layout contribute to a premium feel within the cabin. From the driver’s perspective, the well-positioned controls and advanced infotainment system enhance the overall driving experience, ensuring that convenience and comfort go hand in hand in the interior design of the Ford Explorer.

Cargo Capacity in The Ford Explorer

Cargo Capacity in The Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer excels in providing ample cargo capacity, making it a practical choice for those who require versatility in their SUV. With all three rows of seats in place, the Explorer offers a respectable cargo space, allowing for the transportation of everyday items, groceries, or luggage with ease. The versatility of the cargo area becomes particularly apparent when the need arises to accommodate larger items or a substantial amount of cargo.

What sets the Explorer apart is its adaptability to various cargo configurations. The rear seats can be conveniently folded down to expand the cargo space, providing a flat loading floor and maximizing the SUV’s utility. This feature proves invaluable when embarking on road trips, outdoor adventures, or even when handling bulkier items during everyday use.

The Explorer’s thoughtful design extends to features like a power liftgate, further enhancing the convenience of accessing the cargo area. This combination of generous cargo space, adaptability, and user-friendly features underscores the Ford Explorer’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its drivers, whether for family outings or transporting gear for the next adventure.

What If I Need More Space?

What If I Need More Space?

For those occasions when you find yourself needing even more space than the generous cargo capacity of the Ford Explorer provides, the SUV offers a practical solution. The flexibility of the seating arrangements allows you to easily fold down the second and third-row seats, creating an expansive cargo area that can accommodate larger items or a substantial amount of gear. This adaptability is particularly beneficial when faced with bulkier items during a move, a shopping spree, or outdoor activities.

Additionally, the power-folding feature, available in some Explorer models, streamlines the process of configuring the cargo space. With the push of a button, you can effortlessly stow away the rear seats, saving time and effort when loading or unloading the vehicle.

Whether you’re transporting furniture, sports equipment, or luggage for an extended trip, the Ford Explorer’s commitment to providing customizable and versatile space ensures that you can meet the demands of your lifestyle with ease.

In essence, the Explorer’s design is geared towards not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of those who require more space for their diverse cargo needs.


1. How many passengers can the Ford Explorer accommodate?

The Ford Explorer typically accommodates up to seven passengers, thanks to its three-row seating configuration.

2. Can I get the Ford Explorer with a different seating arrangement?

The standard configuration includes three rows of seats, but certain trims may offer optional captain’s chairs in the second row, reducing seating capacity to six.

3. Is there a difference in seating capacity between different Ford Explorer models?

The seating capacity remains consistent across most Ford Explorer models, with the ability to seat seven passengers.

4. Can adults comfortably sit in the third row of the Ford Explorer?

The third-row seats are designed to provide reasonable comfort for adults, making the Explorer suitable for larger groups or families.

5. How easy is it to access the third row in the Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer is equipped with convenient features like available power-folding seats and easy-slide second-row seats, making access to the third row straightforward.

6. Can I fold down the third-row seats to expand cargo space?

Yes, the third-row seats can be easily folded down to create additional cargo space when needed, offering flexibility for various hauling requirements.

7. Are there different interior color options for the Ford Explorer?

Yes, Ford Explorer models often come with various interior color options, allowing buyers to personalize their vehicle’s interior aesthetics.

8. What is the cargo capacity of the Ford Explorer with all seats in use?

With all three rows of seats in use, the Ford Explorer still provides a respectable cargo capacity, suitable for everyday items and groceries.

9. Can I tow a trailer with the Ford Explorer while carrying passengers?

Yes, the Ford Explorer is equipped for towing, allowing you to carry passengers and tow a trailer simultaneously, making it a versatile choice for road trips.

10. Are there any optional features to enhance passenger comfort in the Ford Explorer?

Yes, various Ford Explorer trims offer optional features such as leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, and advanced infotainment systems to enhance overall passenger comfort and enjoyment.


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